How to purchase ProLon

ProLon is unfortunately not yet available in New Zealand.

In meantime, you can purchase it directly from the US website.

Option 1: Healthy people with no medical conditions

  • If you are above age 70, or have a diagnosed disease such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, liver or kidney disease, or other chronic disease, do not use ProLon without approval and supervision of a healthcare practitioner.
  • Do not use ProLon without contacting your healthcare practitioner if you are on prescription medications (with the exception of statins).
  • Also, if you have signs of an infection, we recommend that if you buy ProLon, to consume it only after the symptoms resolve.
  • Do not consume ProLon if you are allergic to nuts or other ingredients of the product or if you are underweight, pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you are healthy and not taking any pharmaceutical medication, you can purchase ProLon without an assessment from the US ProLon website.

Option 2: People with a diagnosed medical condition

If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition, please speak to your doctor or other healthcare practitioner about using ProLon.

ProLon is unfortunately not yet available in New Zealand.

In the meantime, your patients can purchase ProLon directly from the US website.

We also encourage all healthcare practitioners to register on L-Nutra Australia website to gain access to medical journal articles, training videos, podcasts and other information for practitioners.